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Update--'01 Tryouts



The tryouts for the ’01 team continue tomorrow night at the Fishers at Forum. The following players have been invited to participate in the second night of tryouts:


CJ Smith


Matt Lapel


Kyle Kleva


Griffen Fisher


Gavin Fritch


Will McGarty


Leo Helman


Kameron Etchison


Ted Munn


Sam Bedich


Will Pippen


Colin Stewart


Billy Freudenthal


Max Ginn


Alex Cate


John Bear


Matthew McKay


Andrew Callas


Ted George


Alek Shahbaz


Jack Hillman


Evan Sosinsky


Jake Guptill


Duncan McCourt


Ryan Morris


Hal Armstrong


Jack Drapinsky


Jordan Stear


Nathan Tripp


Nathan Chinni


Evan Kuzman


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